Background on Me and the BosStrap Camera Sling Strap System

I have been an avid amateur photographer for about 40 years. My training as a mechanical engineer includes extensive product development experience on industrial and consumer products. I know that if a new product is to be viable, it must offer unique benefits and functionality to the user at a reasonable price.

As an amateur photographer, I saw a need for a truly usable camera sling strap system that is simple, effective, and comfortable.  Existing products did not meet these needs.  After reading and compiling comments from over 600 reviews of sling style camera straps, and purchasing several different products for evaluation, it became clear that many features important to me, which did not exist on other straps,  would also be important to other serious photographers.  I engineered a sliding sling strap that incorporates all these features. The result is the BosStrap Sliding Sling System.

I made several conceptual designs and thoroughly tested and refined them until I was satisfied. However, a crucial part of creating a product includes extensive field testing by the targeted market audience. I enlisted four professional photographers, two avid photographers as well as amateur photographers to test the BosStrap Sliding Sling System.

For three months, the BosStrap saw use in both the studio and field environments. The testing led to several refinements extending BosStrap’s usefulness and achieving all its original goals.

From the outset, I wanted BosStraps to be entirely made here in the US if possible. I identified parts suppliers and fabricators who could satisfy my goal. Even the thread that is used in the BosStrap in made here in the US!

BosStrap’s engineering overcomes two major issues that users of other sling straps complained about.  The inconvenience when disconnecting the strap to connect to a tripod, and the constant need to pull the shoulder pad back in place.

  • Attachment point: The BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling System (and all other BosStrap products) attach to a camera strap lug on the body.  A tripod plate does not interfere with a BosStrap.  Once attached, your tripod plate or L-bracket is always immediately available.  It never needs to be removed.  You can attach to a tripod in under 5 seconds.


  • Shoulder pads: The BosStrap Camera Sling System does not use a shoulder pad. No matter what the manufacturer claims, shoulder pads WILL move. These excessively thick and cumbersome pads are often a nuisance more than an aid. Actual field testing has shown that a wider strap effectively replaces a shoulder pad. On a BosStrap system, a 1-1/2” wide strap distributes the weight of the camera. There is no pad to deal with. The seat belt webbing offers strength, softness, and smoothness making it very comfortable to wear for long periods.


Several advantages for the photographer result by eliminating the shoulder pad.  These are described in another Blog “Embedded Wires in Camera Straps

In an upcoming Blog, I’ll talk about the engineering behind the design using one attachment point and why the shoulder pad can be eliminated.

I hope you enjoy these and other benefits of BosStrap products.  And please tell me about your experience using them.

Tom Fama

<p>BosStrap Listens. In 2010, BosStrap engineered the first camera strap that really addressed photographers’ needs.</p>

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