BosStrap Side Slide User Instructions

BosStrap Side SlideTM Installation and Fitting Instructions


Please read these instructions before beginning.


The correct way to use a BosStrap Side Slide is the comfortable way!  Personal preference depends on your shooting style.  These instruction provide only a starting point for setting up the Side Slide.


The BosStrap Side Slide is factory configured for use on the right shoulder.  For use on the left shoulder, simply reverse the direction of the two Slide Disconnects (see Page 3 and Page 6).  Whether the right or left shoulder is used, the Strap adjuster on the shoulder pad should always be at the back of the Shoulder Pad. These instructions assume that you will use the BosStrap Side Slide on the right shoulder.  They will apply for use on the left shoulder as well once the Slide Disconnects are reversed.


Refer to the BosStrap Side Slide Part Names on the next page.


1. We recommend that when using the Side Slide on the right shoulder, start by removing the female side of the Two-Piece Camera Tail with Side Release.  Connect the female half of the Side Release to the right camera strap lug (see Page 4). If you use the Side Slide on your left shoulder, connect the female half to the left camera strap lug.


2. Put the Side Slide on your shoulder, center the shoulder pad, and connect the female side of the Two-Piece Camera Tail to its male mate on the shoulder strap.  Using the Strap Adjuster at the rear of the shoulder pad, adjust the length of the shoulder strap until the camera is conveniently at hand when resting at your side.


3. The chest strap has a male Quick Disconnect sewn on one end.  Connect this to the Slide Disconnect female mate on the rear of shoulder strap, located below the shoulder pad.


4. Bring the chest strap around your torso and plug the Quick Disconnect Male Adjuster into the mate on the Slide Disconnect Female mate at the front of the shoulder strap.


5. Adjust the length of the chest strap for a fit that is comfortable but does not allow the shoulder pad with camera attached to slip off the shoulder.


6. Both front and rear Slide Disconnects can be slid up or down for optimum comfort.  Once the straps are adjusted,  there may be excess shoulder strap length which will be contained as described on Page 5.



Attaching the BosStrapTM Side Slide Camera Tail


The BosStrap Side Slide Camera Tail is a two-piece strap that uses a Side Release Quick Disconnect to separate the camera from the strap.  The female side of the Quick Disconnect is attached to and remains with the camera.  The following photos show how to attach the female side of the Quick Disconnect to the camera.



















BosStrap Side SlideTM


Converting the Side Slide for the Other Shoulder


The BosStrap Side Slide is set at the factory for right shoulder use.  If you want to use the Side Slide on your left shoulder, the two Slide Disconnects on the Shoulder Strap must be reversed.   It is not necessary to take the strap apart to remove the Slide Disconnects.  The Slide Disconnects are slotted so that the Shoulder Strap can be removed from them.


To remove the Slide Disconnects, first pull some of the strap so that a loose loop is formed as shown above.  Then, work one side of the strap out from under the slot.  Repeat for the other slot.  Move both Slide Disconnects so that the end on each is oriented in the opposite direction.  Reinstall on the Shoulder Strap.


Tip:  The key to easily removing the Quick Disconnects is to create a loose loop of material.