Advantages of Connecting a BosStrap Sliding Sling to the Left or Right Camera Strap Lug

Left or Right???


The Generation 3 Sliding Sling Strap

A photographer asked why I show BosStrap Sliding Sling straps attached to the left camera lug in all the photos on my website.  Must a BosStrap camera strap be attached to the left side lug?  The short answer is no, but there are many reasons to consider when deciding which side to attach your BosStrap.

First let me say that the correct side to attach a BosStrap is the side that works better for you.  Hand dominance, eye dominance, wrist movement, physical impairments, and comfort can all play a roll in deciding which side to attach your BosStrap.


The Case for Attaching  a BosStrap to the Left Camera LugCapture0011-62

Because most people are right-handed and cameras are built for right hand operation having most of the controls on the right hand side of the camera, attaching to the left hand strap lug keeps the strap somewhat out of the way of the most used controls.  With a left hand attachment, rotating the camera counterclockwise when shooting in portrait orientation lets the strap hang down out of the way of the camera’s LCD.   Counterclockwise rotation is predominant with right-eye dominant photographers because the flat back of the camera is off the face.

When attached to the left camera strap lug, the camera rests at your right hip.   If you point the lens backward, your hip will contact the camera at the top of the backward pointing lens, and in front of the pentaprism.   See the top photo.  The result: your camera at rest is nestled as close to your body as possible, so that when walking very little motion is imparted.  Hikers appreciate this stabilized carrying method. Whereas if the lens is pointed forward, walking could induce some movement with each step.

Additionally, when pointed backward, the camera controls are somewhat protected being between your body and the camera.   Attaching a BosStrap to the left lug allows you to use the optional BosStrap Ultra Light Hand Band on the right lug.


The Case for Attaching  a BosStrap to the Right Camera Lug

However, other issues may come into play when deciding which lug you use to connect the BosStrap.  Left hand shooters may be more comfortable with the camera at their left hip and the BosStrap connected to the right camera strap lug.   In this setup, all the stabilizing benefits remain when the lens in point backward.   The right side lug connection still offers ready access to the camera, albeit the strap is now added to the control side of the camera.

Some other reasons a right hand camera lug connection may work well for some photographers:

  1. If you want the camera to rest on your right hip, and prefer to rotate clockwise when shooting portrait orientation (left-eye dominant), the strap will hang down out of the way.  You will lose some of the stability when walking, because the camera lens must  point forward to have the same lens/pentaprism/hip relationship.  But with a forward pointed lens, you may (depending on how long the lens is) impart some motion to the camera as you walk.
  2. Rotatable LCDs are always hinged on the left side.  A right lug connection point will keep the strap further away from the opened LCD.
  3. Some photographers prefer to pick up the camera by the lens. I have at least three right-handed customers that use the right lug, carrying the camera on the left side,who prefer this way of attachment.  With their right hand, they reach across their body to pick up the camera.
  4. Left or right eye dominance, how the camera is picked up, and how it is held in portrait orientation can also play into the preferred attachment location.

So right or left?  The best connection point for a BosStrap is the location that gives you the most comfort and works with your camera and shooting style.  Just be sure to connect to a camera body strap lug.   Try various combinations of at rest positions with either camera lug attachment, you may be surprised.

Here is some related information about connection a camera strap to a strap lug.  Where to Attach

Tom Fama

BosStrap Listens. In 2010, BosStrap engineered the first camera strap that really addressed photographers’ needs.

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