Frequently Asked Questions

I often hear this comment when showing the BosStrap for the first time: “It doesn’t look as complicated as other sling strap.” In reality that statement is true and false.  A major theme from the outset was to design in simplicity.  You will not find gimmicks in BosStraps. What you will find is thoughtful engineering in every aspect of the product.  Some of these Q & As demonstrate the principles behind the BosStrap.


Users of camera sling straps which connect to the camera tripod socket complain about the nuisance of disconnecting the strap from the fitting,removing the fitting from the tripod socket, and screwing on the tripod plate so the camera can be attached to the tripod.  Users often mention that it is difficult to keep the fitting tight.  Inconvenience is the least issue with connecting to a tripod socket. Major camera manufacturers say that the tripod socket is not designed to handle the weight of an inverted camera.  Potentially the thread may fail.  The tripod socket is designed to secure a camera on a tripod when the camera is oriented for landscape or portrait photography.  Using a high tensile (like stainless steel)  fitting from other strap manufacturers does not increase the strength of the camera tripod socket. In addition, there are internal seals in the camera that are not designed to handle the load imposed from the weight of an inverted camera.  Internal seal failure may go undetected for some time. For a further discussion including e-mails from camera manufacturers, please read this: Where to Attach: Camera Strap Lug or Tripod Socket? What better place to attach a strap to than the place provided by the camera manufacturers?

When we engineered BosStrap, we looked at every aspect of the sling style camera strap.  The shoulder pad was very interesting.  Shoulder pads seem to be very thick and imply great comfort.  In reality, comfort comes from distributing the weight of your gear over your shoulder.  For a particular setup, the larger the area that the weight over which the weight can be distributed, the less likely you will feel uncomfortable.  BosStrap uses a 1-1/2″ wide smooth, soft webbing to spread the load over your shoulder resulting in great comfort with minimal bulk. Shoulder pad straps supplied with other products usually have more material above the strap than under it.  The material above the strap contributes nothing in comfort, but adds bulk and weight.  The resulting bulk often requires removing the strap before stowing your gear.  A BosStrap can be simply wrapped around the lens for quick, easy stowing and fast deploying.  See BosStrap Wrap. One more point:  Anytime a weight (like a shoulder pad) is placed high up on your shoulder, gravity will cause it to slide down.  There is no getting around this unless the weight is mechanically fixed in place.  Even friction pads will slip when the strap is in use.  BosStrap’s engineered a simple solution to eliminate the weight:  No shoulder pad, no slipping, no nuisance.

We prepared an illustrated pamphlet that describes the procedure.

Because BosStrap does not have a stiff shoulder pad, it is not necessary to remove the BosStrap from your camera.  Simply wrap the strap around the lens.  See BosStrap Wrap.

No, you have other choices such as credit card, check or money order.  You can also call us to place a phone order.  PayPal is available as a convenience for many customers. If you want to use a money order or check, simply make your selection as to how to pay for your order at the end of the checkout process. Do not hit the “Place Your Order” button. Instead print a copy of the order and send it along with your check or money order to the address below. Press the “LogOut” button after you print the page. You can also order by phone (508 251-1345) using a credit card or by regular mail using a check or money order.   For phone orders, please call between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Send your order to: BosStrap LLC P.O. Box 14 Marlborough, MA 01752 Make check payable to BosStrap LLC.

Some users are more comfortable setting up the BosStrap System so that the camera rests are their left hip.  Here’s an excerpt from one users: I have actually discovered that for me (I am right handed) it actually works best to have the camera hanging down my left side with the strap attached to the left side of the camera.  This allows me to protect the camera with my left hand and leaves my right hand free. Then I can easily grab the lens with my left hand and bring the camera to my right hand and then to my eye.  When I had it on my right side I had to fumble a little to get it ready to shoot.  I’m sure everyone will need to discover what works best for them but this is just another option.   Gordon M.

This question came from a customer who has a defibrillator implant.  Apparently he was using a camera sling that incorporates magnets which created an interference with the operation of defibrillator.  BosStrap does not use magnets in any of its products.  This link talks about magnets in the proximity of defibrillators and pacemakers

BosStrap does not offer a strap with a built in steel cable for the following reason:  If a thief approaches you with a knife intending to make a quick cut of your camera sling and encounters a problem, the last thing you want is someone that close, knife in hand, frustrated.  We firmly believe that an embedded cable is false and dangerous security.  We will never put a metal cable in our BosStraps.