Magnets in Camera Straps can be a Problem

Here’s an odd question from a caller.   Do BosStraps use any magnets in the strap?    It turns out the caller was trying to use a competitor’s strap that incorporated a magnetic latch to close a small pocket attached to the strap.  Every time he put the strap on, he experienced issues related to his surgical implant.  Magnets in Camera Straps can be a Problem for Some Photographers.

I did some research on this and found that magnets in straps can affect pacemakers and defibrillators when in the proximity of the magnetic field.   Here’s a link to the article that talks about the problem of magnetic fields and implants: Read Now.

Thanks to Paul Nylander, the for the Graphic.  Check out his website

Tom Fama

BosStrap Listens. In 2010, BosStrap engineered the first camera strap that really addressed photographers’ needs.

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