Selecting the Right BosStrap for You

Selecting the Right BosStrap for You 

Customers looking for a camera strap that is more comfortable than the supplied neck strap ask which BosStrap I would recommend for them.  Choosing the correct BosStrap camera strap depends on several variables: your equipment, how long you carry a camera, shooting style, and the style of strap you are comfortable wearing.

Camera Equipment

The size, weight and time you carry your camera is the first consideration when selecting a comfortable camera strap.  If you use a full size DSLR that weighs more than two to three pounds, you will need a full width (1-1/2”) diagonal Sliding Sling Strap to distribute the camera weight comfortably on your shoulder. Mirrorless and other lighter cameras can use a light (1” wide) diagonal Sliding Sling Strap.

How long you carry your camera also is an important factor.  If you carry a light camera for long continuous periods of time, a wider (1-1/2” wide) strap would be a more comfortable choice.

Shooting Style

Another important consideration is the need to remove the strap from the camera.  Generally if you use a tripod you would remove the strap to avoid catching the wind and possibly causing vibration when on a tripod.  The detachable BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling Straps would be the recommended choice.   Generation 3 straps are available in both the 1-1/2” and 1” widths.

If you rarely or never use a tripod, then the BosStrap One-Piece Sliding Sling Straps would work well and save you a little money.  One-Piece straps are also available in both the 1-1/2” and 1” widths.


Diagonal straps prevent the camera from slipping off your shoulder, and they take the stress off your neck compared to the neck strap that came with your camera.  Many people are significantly more comfortable with the way a diagonal strap lets your camera rest, ready at your side rather than hanging in front (especially when a large lens is attached).  The camera does not bounce against your chest.

However, for those people who are not comfortable with a diagonal strap, there is another choice: the BosStrap Side Slide Camera Strap.   The Side Slide lets the camera hang conveniently at your side without crossing your chest.  In use, the camera moves vertically up to your eye.  The Side Slide strap is held in place with a unique around-the-chest strap that attaches to the front and back of the shoulder strap.

The BosStrap Side Slide is also the choice if you want to carry two cameras like many wedding and sports photographers do, or if you are a nature photographer who likes to carry binoculars and a camera without the straps getting tangled.

In Summary

If you have any specific questions that I did not cover here, please call me.  I enjoy talking to customers and helping them choose the best strap.

Tom Fama

(508)  480-9762 EST

Tom Fama

BosStrap Listens. In 2010, BosStrap engineered the first camera strap that really addressed photographers’ needs.

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