BosStrap offers four different Sliding Sling products.  This blog will show you how to select the right BosStrap for your photographic style. BosStraps come in two diagonal (body) strap widths and have two camera connecting options. This information should help you decide which BosStrap is right for you.

Two Generation 3 Products

Generation 3 Sliding Sling products (G3) consist of a diagonally-worn sling strap and a quick-release Tail (G3 Tail).  One end of the G3 Tail attaches to a camera strap lug, the other end connects to a slider on the diagonal sling strap.   The BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling System is available in a standard version and an LT version.  The only difference between these two products is the width of the diagonal sling strap.  The G3 Tail supplied with each Generation 3 Sliding Sling product is identical.

With either G3 Sliding Sling you can quickly remove the camera from the sling strap, leaving the small G3 Tail attached to the camera.  With the G3 products one sling strap can be used with any camera as long as each camera has its own G3 Tail.  Additional G3 Tails are sold separately.

  • Generation 3 Sliding Sling Strap, BosG315

    The standard Generation 3 product (BosG315) was designed for full size DSLR cameras which could weigh upward of 6 pounds (such as a professional Nikon or Canon body with a 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens attached).  The standard product uses a 1½” wide sling strap to comfortably distribute the weight of a heavy camera.  The wide strap eliminates the need for a shoulder pad.

  • Generation 3 LT Sliding Sling Strap, BosG3LT

    The Generation 3 LT product is designed for digital or small video cameras weighing up to 2-3 pounds.  The BosG3LT differs from the standard product only in that it uses a 1” wide strap.  The width is more than adequate to comfortably support the lighter ICL, mirrorless or bridge cameras that are becoming popular.

Two BosStrap One Piece Products

BosStrap One Piece products are designed to remain attached to your camera. Except for the ability to quickly release the sling strap from the camera.  All other features of the  Generation 3 products are available with the BosStrap One Piece products.

Both One-Piece products attached to a camera strap lug and completely replace the camera strap supplied by the manufacturer.  If you have no need to remove the strap from the camera, a BosStrap One piece is a good choice.

  • BosStrap One Piece Sliding Sling Strap, Bos1.5OP

    The standard BosStrap One Piece Sliding Sling Strap (Bos1.5OP) uses a 1½” wide strap to comfortably carry heavier, full size DSLR cameras.

  • One Piece LT Products, BosOPLT

    The One Piece LT (BosOPLT) product uses a 1” wide strap. It is intended  for the lighter ICL, mirrorless or bridge cameras weighing up to 2-3 pounds.

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