Shipping Policy

BosStrap LLC’s Shipping Policy

Our shipping costs are lower than most other companies; you pay only for postage, labels, and the cost of a shipping bag.

Your order will be quickly processed.   If a product is not in stock, you will be immediately notified.  We ship products worldwide through the United States Postal Service using First Class Mail.   Delivery time within the continental US typically is 2-3 days; for outside continental US, and Canada allow 3-5 days or more.  Other countries can take about two weeks, sometimes considerably longer.  If you have a preferred method to ship, the Check Out page offers UPS, Fed Ex and other USPS options at additional cost.  For shipments to Massachusetts, we must collect applicable sales tax at checkout, which is 6.25%. The Check Out page automatically calculates the tax if applicable.

If you have any problems with shipping, please contact us at or (508) 480-9762.