Arca Swiss Style Clamp for BosStrap Tails


Use this Arca-Swiss Clamp to obtain perfect balance and safe handling when carrying a long telephoto lens equipped with a lens collar.  The Clamp attaches an accessory lens plate mounted to the lens collar. Changing from hand-held to a tripod is fast, safe and secure. Can be used with any BosStrap.

Arca Swiss Style Clamp for BosStrap Tails

When carrying a lens that has a tripod collar, this Arca-Swiss Clamp provides perfect balance and exceptional safe handling.   You can connect any BosStrap Tail to any one of the three slots in the clamp.  Your lens’ tripod collar will require an accessory Arca-Swiss plate which we carry.  The lens plate is 115 mm long (4.25 inches).  This long length lets you connect the lens to the tripod head before the clamp is released from the Arca-Swiss plate. The long length also allows you to balance the weight of the camera/lens on the strap and on the tripod.

  • Attach any style BosTail to the Arca-Swiss clamp.
  • Secure the Clamp to the lens collar on the accessory lens plate.
  • Adjust the location of the Arca-Swiss clamp on the lens plate to provided perfect balance.

When the lens is at your side, point it backward. It you are right-handed, hang the lens from your left shoulder – lift with left hand to shooting position.   You right hand will fall on the shutter release.  Carrying a long, heavy lens by the lens collar not only provides perfect balance, but eliminates the stress on the lens flange that occurs during handling.

When you have an Arca-Swiss Clamp attached to your BosStrap,  you switch from hand-held to tripod mounting with total safety.  The long lens plate will have sufficient length to attach your lens to the tripod before you loosen and remove the clamp.  The camera and lens are never unsupported: they will be attached to you, the tripod, or both!

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