BosStrap Generation 3 LT Sliding Sling Strap


Features a 1″ wide Strap for lighter still and video cameras. 

BosStrap Generation 3 LT Sliding Sling Strap System  for light weight cameras.  Includes the a G3 Tail with Double Safety Lock Release, Attaches to a Camera Strap Lug.  Sling Strap can be Detached. Scroll down for complete description.

BosStrap Generation 3 LT Sliding Sling Strap System for Mirrorless and other Lightweight Cameras


BosStrap’s light weight version of the Generation 3 sliding sling strap system is designed for your lighter weight digital and video cameras. LT straps are recommended if the weight AND continuous time you carry your camera is less than 2 pounds and under about 1.5 to 2 hours.  For anything exceeding either value, the standard 1-1/2″ wide Generation 3 Sliding Sling Strap is recommended.

The BosStrap Generation 3 LT Sliding Sling Strap (BosStrap G3 LT) is a two-part sling system which includes a 1″ wide sling strap and the Generation 3 BosTail (G3 Tail).  The narrow 1″ wide sling strap is ideal for mirrorless, bridge and video cameras.

Video: BosStrap Features
Video: Installing and Fitting a BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling Strap

The sling strap width decreases bulk, but retains all of the other features of the BosStrap G3 System (which uses a 1½” wide sling trap).  The G3 Tail is identical to the G3 Tail used in the 1½” wide strap (G3 version) and can be detached from the sling strap.

A sliding sling strap is more than just a strap worn diagonally across your body to take the camera weight off your neck.  Sliding sling straps use a special fitting that moves along the diagonal strap, not requiring the strap itself to move.  Your camera is attached to sliding fitting.   Because of the sliding fitting, when you bring the camera up from your side, the sling strap does not pull on your shirt.

In use, the camera glides smoothly along the strap up to your eye; when not in use the camera rests comfortably at your hip.  Nothing compares to the comfort and convenience that a sliding sling strap provides.

The BosStrap G3 LT Sliding Sling Strap System offers the smoothest action of any sling strap on the market.  The 1” wide nylon sling uses a custom made, nickel plated, sliding fitting for extraordinarily smooth movement.  The sling strap evenly distributes the weight of your gear, obviating the need for a shoulder pad while making the BosStrap G3 LT convenient to use, light weight, strong, and easily stowable.

BosStraps do not use the tripod socket as an attachment point to the camera. The G3 Tail attaches to the left (recommended) camera strap lug. The G3 Tail uses a cam buckle with a unique safety sleeve.  Together the cam buckle and safety sleeve provide two levels of security.  The cam buckle and safety sleeve insure that your camera can not be accidentally detached from the sling strap, but when you want, your camera can easily, intentionally be detached.

To detach the camera from the BosStrap G3 Tail simply slide the safety sleeve off the cam buckle and release the cam locking lever.  All the components in the non-metallic double safety lock G3 Tail remain with the camera.  When the camera is removed from the sling strap, only the low-profile G3 Tail remains attached to the camera.

There are no metal parts used in the G3 Tail that could scratch your camera body or the LCD.  One sling strap can be used with any camera that has its own G3 Tail.  Extra G3 Tails are sold separately.

BosStrap strives to source all parts and labor in the US.  Because of special requirements, one part in the G3 system had to be European sourced. Everything else comes from the USA, including the thread used in all BosStrap products.

BosStrap G3 LT Sliding Sling Strap System offers many unique features:

  • The G3 LT System is designed specifically for lighter weight cameras up to about 3 pounds,
  • The G3 LT System uses the same G3 Tail that the BosStrap G3 System with the 1½” wide strap uses,
  • Double Safety Lock G3 Tail allows separating camera from the  1” sling strap only when you want,
  • Tripod socket is always available,
  • Nothing occupying the tripod socket – camera can sit on a flat surface,
  • BosStraps are 64” long – not including the G3 Tail,
  • Long G3 Tail – allows more angular adjustment of the 1”sling strap to fine tune comfort,
  • No metal parts in the G3 Tail – no scratching the LCD and the camera body,
  • Attaches to the left (recommended) camera strap lug – easily switch from hand-held to tripod with removing anything
  • No straps in the way when shooting horizontal or vertical – strap does not interfere with controls,
  • No shoulder pad is required – nothing to constantly move back in place,
  • Wear under a jacket or raincoat for street photography or weather protection,
  • Comfortable, smooth, strong nylon seat belt webbing – 1” wide to distribute the camera weight,
  • Frees both hands – camera safely remains at your side when not in use,
  • Because camera rests at hip (pivot point on leg), there is minimal movement of camera when walking,
  • Just like the BosStrap G3, the G3 LT  can support over 60 pounds
  • Easy to stow – simply wrap the BosStrap G3 around your lens or camera – nothing needs to be removed,
  • Engineered for simplicity,
  • Works with left or right handed shooters,
  • Except for one European part, BosStrap G3 LT is made with USA parts and labor – right down to the thread!
  • Extra G3 Tails are available for your other camera bodies – Only one Sling Strap is required,
  • Extremely light weight at under 2.4 oz (66 grams),
  • One year replacement warranty on defective parts,
  • 30 day no questions asked full refund including postage.




Feature Description
Type of Strap Sliding Sling
Color Black
Occupies Tripod Socket No
Attachment Point A Camera Strap Lug
Fully Adjustable Yes, both BosStrap sling and the G3 Tail
BosStrap Material Nylon Seat Belt
BosStrap Size 1" wide, 64” long
OP Tail Material Nylon
Op Tail Size ?” wide, 12” long, 1, 100 lb test
Fittings Metal, Acetal, Nylon
Storage Wrap around lens, no need to remove
Weight 2.4 ozs. (66 grams)
Warranty Yes – full 1 year on defects
Manufactured USA
Weight 6.49 oz
Dimensions 8 x 2 x 1 in
Product No.



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