Side Release Conversion Kit for 1-1/2″ BosStraps (Website Only)



Generation 3 Slider Conversion Kit to convert an Original BosStrap Camera Sling System (pre Jan 2012) or a BosStrap One Piece Sliding Sling Strap to a BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling System.  Kit includes a 1-1/2″ metal slider and a Generation 3 Tail.

This Side Release Conversion Kit replaces the Tail and Strap connection originally supplied with any 1-1/2″ BosStrap Sliding Sling Straps.  It is completely compatible with every 1-1/2″ BosStrap ever made and will work with any 1-1/2″ wide strap.  The side release lets you use the same style Tail as on the BosStrap Side Slide.  This kit includes a 1-1/2″ slider with attached male side release and a mating female side release with a 3/8″ (10 mm) nylon webbing adjustable to 5″ long. This Side Release connector is very useful for quickly swapping cameras equipped with the Side Release Tail on a BosStrap Sliding Sling Strap. The Side Release connector is Made in the USA and rated at 60+ pounds.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 0.5 in
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Converting a BosStrap Sliding Sling Strap to use a Side Release Tail