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BosStrap Side Slide Camera Strap
Side Slide and a Long Telephoto Lens with a RRS B2-FABN ClampCamera and Binoculars.  Note tripod plate stays on camera.Binoculars and Camera. Note No strap tangles.BosStrap Side Slide Worn on Right ShoulderBosStrap Side Slide Worn on Left ShoulderSide Slide Camera ConnectorSide Slide Works for BirdersSide Slide Back View (Left Shoulder)Side Slide Attached to Lens Foot Bar on a Sigma 150-500 mm  (Lens Courtesy of Hunt’s Photo)Torso LabeledBosStrap Dual Side SlideSide Slide Works with any Sliding Sling Strap

BosStrap Side Slide Camera Strap


The BosStrap Side Slide™ brings a new level of versatility to the camera strap.  The Side Slide incorporates a chest strap to prevent the shoulder strap from slipping off your shoulder. Because the shoulder strap hangs vertically, the BosStrap Side Slide allows carrying a second camera or binocular without interference.  Like every BosStrap product, the Side Slide connects to the cameras strap lug (either the left or right), not to the tripod socket.  Your tripod socket remains free for a plate or L-Bracket.  The Side Slide uses a Side Release Buckle to connect to the camera.  A Side Release Tail come with the Side  Slide Camera Strap.  Extra Side Release Tails are available for each of your camera bodies.

If you are a wedding, sports, photojournalist, and  photographers who needs to carry two cameras without interference, check out the BosStrap Dual Side Slide.

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Product Description

The  BosStrap Side Slide™ Camera Strap adds a unique strap to its product line.  The BosStrap Side Slide uses a padded shoulder strap which hangs vertically off your left or right shoulder.  The 1” wide shoulder strap has an integrated pad for comfort and uses a detachable around-the-chest strap to secure the shoulder strap in place. Like all BosStrap products, the Side Slide attaches to one camera strap lug, leaving the tripod socket on your camera available for a tripod plate or an L-bracket.  Once your plate or L-bracket is attached, you never need remove it.   Changing from hand-held to tripod shooting only takes seconds. The Side Slide incorporates a side-release quick disconnect which is rated at over 60 pounds.  All critical components are made in the US.  The BosStrap Side Slide is extraordinarily versatile.  It can be worn on the left or right shoulder, attached to the left or right camera strap lug. If you need to carry two cameras, check out the BosStrap Dual Side Slide.

Additional Information

Weight 6.5 oz
Dimensions 3 x 4 x 12 in
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