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BosStrap Ultra Light Hand Band. Generation 3
ULHB attaches only to strap lug.ULHB allows complete access to bottom coversULHB: Security without tying up the Tripod SocketGeneration 3 Ultra Light Hand Band on a DSLRGeneration 3 Tail – Cam Buckle Loaded with 80 lbs

BosStrap Ultra Light Hand Band. Generation 3


BosStrap Generation 3 Ultra Light Hand Band.  Ideal for improving the grip especially on Smaller Cameras.  Very effective on DSLRs too. Attaches to Right Camera Strap Lug Only. Like all BosStrap products, the ULHB does not use the camera's tripod socket.

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Product Description

BosStrap engineered a truly unique hand band particularly useful with smaller cameras.  The Ultra Light Hand Band (ULHB) has a cam buckle with a double lock safety sleeve (patent pending) like to that used on the BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling System.

Video: Ultra Light Hand Band Features

Like all BosStrap products, the ULHB attaches only to a camera strap lug.  The ULHB is the only hand band that does not use a tripod plate as a second attachment point.  By eliminating the tripod plate, full access remains to the tripod socket and to the battery and memory compartments at the bottom of many cameras.   The ULHB will fit any 3/8” (9mm) camera strap lug or triangular strap ring.

The ULHB offers particularly effective gripping when handling bridge, ILC, or micro 4/3 cameras that typically have smaller grips.   It is an extremely light, unobtrusive, and effective hand band that provides extra handling security especially with smaller cameras.

In use, four fingers go through the ULHB loop; your thumb does not.  Because ULHB does not wrap around your wrist, it allows complete freedom when handling your camera.  The loop is fully adjustable to fit bare hands or large gloved hands.

The USA made Ultra Light Hand Band is completely compatible with any BosStrap Sliding Sling Strap or any other accessory that leaves available the right camera strap lug.

Additional Information

Weight 1.99 oz
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 0.5 in
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