BosTail – Frees Tripod Socket – Attach to Camera Strap Lug


Replaces tripod fitting used for attaching other brands of sling straps. Simply hook your carabiner to a BosTail.  Switch from hand held to tripod shooting quickly. Fits either post or slot style strap lug.  Reduce stress on internal camera seals & camera bottom.

BosStrap BosTail Replaces the Tripod Socket Fitting Supplied with non-BosStrap Sling straps.


  • Use a BosTail as a replacement for the threaded tripod fitting supplied with your non-BosStrap sling – frees the tripod socket for your plate or L-Bracket,
  • Never remove your Plate or L-bracket again –  allows extremely fast change from hand-held to tripod shooting,
  • Attaches to a camera strap lug – Keeps tripod socket free,
  • Lets you keep a tripod plate or L-bracket on your camera – Provides extremely quick change from hand-held to tripod shooting.

BosTails™ are designed to safely allow you to attach your other brand of sling strap to your camera, freeing up the tripod socket. A BosTail replaces the threaded tripod fitting supplied with many sling straps. One end of the 3/8” wide BosTail attaches to the camera body strap lug, the other end provides an attachment ring for a strap connector. Unlike other sling strap designs, a BosTail can remain on the camera while the tripod socket will always available for your tripod plate or L-bracket. By replacing the tripod fitting supplied with other straps with a BosTail, you can eliminate the hassle of removing the fitting when using a tripod.  Safe camera handling is assured because you can simply connect to the tripod before releasing your non-BosStrap strap. Your camera is always supported by you, the tripod or both when moving from hand-held to connecting to a tripod.  There is no chance to drop the camera or any fittings because you do not have to remove anything to make the switch.  Simply attach the carabiner on your existing strap to a BosTail ring. The BosTail comes with a slip lock and a nickel plated, metal ring which is permanently attached to the BosTail.  The BosTail can be adjusted from 2″ to 4″ to accommodate different camera body heights and carrying configurations.  BosTails are rated to hold over 60 pounds.  A BosTail attaches to one camera strap lug or eyelet and split ring on the camera body (left side lug recommended).  A BosTail never needs to be removed from the camera body. Each camera body should have its own BosTail. Avoid possible damage to the camera tripod thread and internal seals when hanging the camera upside down from a tripod socket fitting.  You can read about attachment points at The BosTail is also useful on video cameras. If you use a Sony or Canon DSLR with the battery grip, you may want to check out the BosStrap Dual BosTail.

Weight 0.49 oz
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 0.5 in
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