Side Release Camera Tail – Female Side


The  BosStrap Side Release Tail – Female Side  is an accessory for the BosStrap Side Slide™ Camera Strap.   One Side Release Tail is include on the BosStrap Side Slide  Strap.  If you have additional cameras that you use on the Side Slide Camera Strap, a Side Release Camera Tail can be added to each camera body to quickly switch cameras on the Side Slide strap.   The Side Release Tail can be attached to either the right or left camera strap lug and remains with the camera.  It will fit any camera that has a 3/8″ (10mm) strap lug or a triangular split ring connection.  Like all BosStrap products, the Side Release Tail leaves the tripod socket on your camera available for a tripod plate or an L-bracket.  Once your plate or L-bracket is attached, you never need remove it.   Changing from hand-held to tripod shooting only takes seconds. The Side Release Tail can also be attached to the lens foot of  either directly or by using a lens plate and  clamp.  The USA made quick disconnect on the  Side Release Tail will carry over 60 pounds.

If you converted any BosStrap Sliding Sling to using a Side Release Camera Connector, a Side Release Tail is required on all your other camera bodies so you can connect to the converted BosStrap Sling Strap.  Side Release Conversion kits are available for 1″ Slinging Sling Straps and 1-1/2″ Sliding Sling Straps.

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Attaching a Side Release Quick Disconnect Tail to a Camera