Sliding Sling Camera Strap with Side Release Tail


The 1-1/2″ wide BosStrap Sliding Sling Strap with Side Release Tail, designed for DSLRs, has all the features found in other BosStrap Sliding Sling straps, and includes a side release buckle to disconnect the diagonal strap from the camera. The Side Release Buckle makes disconnecting the camera extremely fast, and the Side Release can easily be operated with gloved hands. This BosStrap (BosG5SRT) is designed for DSLR cameras. For lighter cameras the BosStrap Sliding Sling LT with Side Release Tail is available with a 1″ wide body strap. Like all BosStrap products, these straps connect to a camera strap lug. The tripod socket is not used as an attachment point. The Side Release Connector can safely hold 60 pounds.

BosStrap Sliding Sling Camera Strap with Side Release Tail

The BosStrap Sliding Sling Camera Strap with Side Release Tail (BosG5SRT) is a two-part adjustable sliding sling system which includes a unique 1-1/2” wide sling (body) strap and an adjustable Side Release Tail. All the features of the other BosStrap Sliding Sling strap remain the same, but faster disconnecting is available with the Side Release Tail. This BosStrap (BosG5SRT) is designed for DSLR cameras; for lighter cameras, the strap is available in a 1″ wide version (BosG5SRTLT)

A sliding sling strap is more than just a strap worn diagonally across your body to take the camera weight off your neck.  A sliding sling strap is a loop that use a special fitting which slides along the diagonally worn body strap, not requiring the body strap itself to move.  The action is extremely smooth with no pulling on your clothing and no weight on your neck. There is no possibility of dropping the camera.

All BosStrap camera straps attach to the a camera strap lug not to the tripod socket. This means that your tripod plate or L-bracket can remain attached tp the camera at all times. Connecting to a tripod and removing the strap from the camera can be done in as little as three seconds. What’s more, the camera is always supported because it gets connected to the tripod before you disconnect the diagonal strap (which remains with you).

Many of the sliding sling features are shown in this short video. Video: BosStrap Features

In use, the camera glides smoothly along the strap up to your eye. When not in use, the camera rests comfortably at your hip.  When at your hip, point the lens backward, the camera nestles as close to your body as possible in a relatively stable position with your hip touching the top of the lens and front of the pentaprism.

No Shoulder Pad Needed

A shoulder pad is not necessary because the 1-1/2” wide strap evenly distributes the weight of your gear, obviating the need for a pad.  By eliminating a shoulder pad, you do not have to deal with the nuisance of constantly pulling the pad back up into position.

Another advantage is that without the lump from a thick shoulder pad, the BosStrap can be worn unobtrusively under a jacket or rain coat.  This provides you with protection from the elements, concealment for street photographers, and passive theft deterrence without the need of a very dangerous hidden cable in the body strap.  When done shooting, a BosStrap easily stows by simply wrapping it around the lens or camera; there is nothing to remove when packing your gear.  You don’t need a separate compartment in your bag to store the shoulder pad.

The Side Release Tail

The Side Release Tail has a male and a female side. The male side attaches to a metal slide that runs along the diagonal strap. Sewn on the other end is the male half of the Side Release Buckle. The second side has the female half of the Side Release Buckle sewn on a short strap. This piece connects to the camera using a sliplock fitting. The Female side of the Side Release Tail is called a Side Release Tail – Female. Any camera equipped with a Side Release Tail – Female can be used on the diagonal body strap.

The Side Release Tail uses a 5/8″ side release buckle. The buckle has been tested to safely support up to 60 pounds. The advantages of a Side Release Tail include one-hand disconnect, speed, simplicity of design, and ease of operation when wearing gloves.

When the camera is removed from the sling strap, only the low-profile Female Side of the Side Release Tail remains attached to the camera; the Male Side stays with the diagonal strap which remains with you. All the components in the Side Release Tail are non-metallic, so there is nothing to scratch the camera body or LCD.The Side Release Tail offers very little wind resistance which can be important to minimizing vibration on a tripod.

One sling strap can be used with any camera that has its own Side Release Tail.  Extra Female Side Release Tails are sold separately.

Everything in this BosStrap, including the thread, comes from the USA.

BosStrap Sliding Sling Strap with Side Release Tail offers many unique features:

  • The BosStrap Sling Strap with Side Release Tail is designed specifically for DSLR cameras,
  • The same Side Release Tail is used on the DSLR version (1″ wide strap) of the BosStrap Sling Strap with Side Release Tail LT,
  • Side Release Tail provides one-hand,fast disconnecting of the strap from the camera,
  • Side Release Tail easily works with gloved hands,
  • Tripod socket is always available,
  • Nothing occupying the tripod socket – camera can sit on a flat surface,
  • BosStraps are 64” long – not including the Side Release Tail,
  • Adjustable Side Release Tail – allows more angular adjustment to fine tune comfort,
  • No metal parts in the Side Release Tail – no scratching the LCD and the camera body,
  • Attaches to one (left recommended) camera strap lug – easily switch from hand-held to tripod without removing anything
  • No straps in the way when shooting horizontal or vertical – strap does not interfere with controls,
  • No shoulder pad is required – nothing to constantly move back in place,
  • Wear under a jacket or raincoat for street photography, weather protection, and theft deterrence,
  • Comfortable, smooth, strong nylon seat belt webbing – 1-1/2” wide to distribute the camera weight,
  • Frees both hands – camera safely remains at your side when not in use,
  • Because camera rests at hip (pivot point on leg), there is minimal movement of camera when walking,
  • Engineered to support over 60 pounds -10x the weight of a typical professional rig,
  • Easy to stow – simply wrap the BosStrap around your camera or lens – nothing needs to be removed,
  • Engineered for simplicity,
  • Works with left or right handed shooters,
  • Entirely made with USA parts and labor – right down to the thread!
  • Extra Side Release Tails – Female are available for your other camera bodies – Only one Sling Strap is required,
  • Extremely light weight at 4.0 oz (112 grams),
  • One year replacement warranty on defective parts,
  • 30 day no questions asked full refund including postage.



Feature Description
Type of Strap Sliding Sling with Side Release Tail
Color Black
Tripod Socket Always Available Yes
Attachment Point Camera Strap Lug
Fully Adjustable Yes, both sling and the Side Slide Tail
BosStrap Material Nylon Seat Belt
BosStrap Size 1-1/2” wide, 64” long
Tail Materia Nylon
Tail Size ⅜” wide – 12” long, 1, 100 lb test
Fittings,Metal Acetal, Nylon
Storage Wrap around lens, no need to remove strap
Weight 4.0 oz. (112 grams)
Warranty Yes – full 1 year on defects
Manufactured USA
Weight 6.49 oz
Dimensions 8 x 2 x 1 in
Product No.



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