Dale Hawley

Dale Hawley
June 12, 2014

The BosStrap One Piece arrived late last night so I strapped it onto my camera and spent the day walking around my town. I’ve always been a “shoulder carrier” because front facing neck-carry was extremely uncomfortable for me. I’ve always cursed the stock straps because they were forever getting in my way especially when I try to quickly bring the camera from “hip rest” up to my face so I used to buy slippery straps which then made the camera slip off my shoulder all the time.
Your idea is so…simple… and yet so brilliant!
All day today I let the camera rest on my hip, sometimes without even hanging onto it. It took me a while to relax and enjoy the rather novel feeling of security the cross-chest strap gave me. At the same time when I decided to pull the camera up to take a photo, it was RIGHT THERE and came right up without snags or tugs. Also, no strap in the way of the buttons [on the camera]!
This may not be the system that works for everyone but it won me over very quickly and -I- am in heaven!
You can rest assured that I’ll be telling my photography friends about this product.
Dale Hawley

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Tom Fama

<p>BosStrap Listens. In 2010, BosStrap engineered the first camera strap that really addressed photographers’ needs.</p>

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