Rich E.

Rich E.
August 8, 2014


Great conversation, extremely informative and helped to confirm nearly all the questions in my own mind about what photographers, amateur, and seasoned pros like, are falling trap to…

A false sense of security, without any forethought of how these new methods for carrying really expensive photography equipment might be more damaging than ever expected. Market trends have historically driven sales beyond counting hidden costs on the part of the consumer. I see it all the time across different venues.

On one hand, many seasoned pros can go out replace $6k-$7 worth in equipment without batting an eye if/when damage occurs. Not so for Average Joe.

Today, the wonders of the digital format has made “photography” more appealing to the masses, and now everybody is a photographer (as long as they have Program mode)! The irony here being these folks are plunking down serious hard earned $$$ for a hobby unawares, and amazingly the seasoned pro is just as ignorant of the unawares!

Thanks for being the engineer who actually swung, and apparently is still swinging a hammer! I applaud your thoroughness and research before actually going to market… it is quite refreshing in this “give it to me yesterday” age we live in. And thanks for the personal touch. That goes miles!

I look forward to trying your product and will provide feedback with my experience.

Best with all your endeavors,
Rich E.

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Tom Fama

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