Side Release Conversion Kit

Tom Stough
August 23, 2015


I recently ordered and received a “side release camera tail” and a “side release conversion kit” to use with the 1 inch BosStrap that I had purchased a little earlier.  I didn’t notice until today that the packing slip had a hand written note from you asking “are you doing some creative configuring with the straps”?”

Well I’m not sure how creative it was, but with some effort and brute force I used the kit to convert a Black Rapid “Cross shot” strap for use with your connectors to my cameras.  Doing so removes their quite heavy connectors and I believe considerably limits the the potential for scratching my camera when stored in my camera bags.  I’ll probably only use that strap infrequently, but since I already owned it, I decided to take a chance on the conversion.

When I first ordered the [BosStrap] 1 inch strap for use with my Nikon D7100 you expressed some concern that the 1 inch width might not be comfortable with that weight of camera.  I explained that the strap was largely going to be used in conjunction with a chest holster as a safety strap and would only be bearing the full weight of the camera and lens for relatively short durations.  A couple of weeks ago I did have occasion to walk around for a couple of hours with the only strap and my D7100 and a 70-200 lens and it really wasn’t bad.  I’m sure the wider model would have been better, but it was no problem.  Maybe the hiking with packs that I do helps a bit.

So far everything is working as expected and it’s no problem to zip shut my Think Tank holster with the D7100 and 80-400 lens plus the 1 inch strap attached.


Tom Stough

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