December 5, 2016

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Review of BosStrap Side Slide from Amazon Buyer
Comfortable and Convenient
on July 13, 2016
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This is a great product. I am an amateur birder. I carry my binoculars in front of me on a harness and a bag with my field guide and other items on my left side with the strap over my right shoulder. With all of that, I thought I would not find a comfortable and convenient way to carry and use a camera as well but, with it’s design, the BosStrap allows me to have the camera at the ready and to take photos without the binocular’s harness getting in the way or without having to detach the camera from its strap.

David Campbell Woodland Hills, CA December 6, 2015

I have been a national and international birder for many years.
Photography is important for me. It allows me to document the birds and the birding areas that I visit and allow opportunity for further identification and study of the bird. I always carry a camera on my trips either on a strap or in a pocket or fanny pack.
It is my experience that camera straps and binocular harness can become entangled creating missed opportunities for a quick bird photo.
I purchased the BosStrap Side Slide for my Canon SX50 SX camera. It integrates beautifully with the harness that attaches to my Leica 8 x 42 binoculars. It is very comfortable and works seamlessly as I switch from binoculars to the camera. It is my standard strap in the field.
I like the idea of the 1 1/2 inch strap on the Sliding Sling Camera Strap that eliminates the shoulder pad. I find this works the best with my Leica 8 x 32 binoculars that has a single neck strap.
Best of all, I can change straps quickly in the field and reattach the camera with the universal quick release side tail. This allows for the choice of different straps during the day.
You have great products! Keep up the good work!
Best regards,
David Campbell

Tom Stough August 23, 2015


I recently ordered and received a “side release camera tail” and a “side release conversion kit” to use with the 1 inch BosStrap that I had purchased a little earlier.  I didn’t notice until today that the packing slip had a hand written note from you asking “are you doing some creative configuring with the straps”?”

Well I’m not sure how creative it was, but with some effort and brute force I used the kit to convert a Black Rapid “Cross shot” strap for use with your connectors to my cameras.  Doing so removes their quite heavy connectors and I believe considerably limits the the potential for scratching my camera when stored in my camera bags.  I’ll probably only use that strap infrequently, but since I already owned it, I decided to take a chance on the conversion.

When I first ordered the [BosStrap] 1 inch strap for use with my Nikon D7100 you expressed some concern that the 1 inch width might not be comfortable with that weight of camera.  I explained that the strap was largely going to be used in conjunction with a chest holster as a safety strap and would only be bearing the full weight of the camera and lens for relatively short durations.  A couple of weeks ago I did have occasion to walk around for a couple of hours with the only strap and my D7100 and a 70-200 lens and it really wasn’t bad.  I’m sure the wider model would have been better, but it was no problem.  Maybe the hiking with packs that I do helps a bit.

So far everything is working as expected and it’s no problem to zip shut my Think Tank holster with the D7100 and 80-400 lens plus the 1 inch strap attached.


Tom Stough

Ron Giannetti May 27, 2015

You have a very nice product [Generation 3 LT]. I very much like the fact that it does not use the tripod mount. I like to leave the tripod plate attached to the camera. I also like that it is easy to remove the strap from the tail to get it out of the way when necessary. The slide works flawlessly and makes moving the camera quite effortless without pulling on your clothing.

Keith Foss, Depew, NY January 14, 2015

I have been an active photo shooter for over 40 years. In addition to working in a local camera store for over 13 years , I am a frequent lecturer/presenter at various camera clubs and have headed up several  extended photo trips.  Through this time I have been exposed to and had the opportunity to use various types and items of photographic gear.   I use gear which does what it should to make my photography easier and more enjoyable. Simple elegance in design is vital to this end. Quality build standards is essential. Straight forward use completes the package.

The BosStrap which I have been able to use for four photo shoots recently, COMPLETELY fits the bill! The G3LT went quickly and securely onto my Olympus OM-D EM-1. My camera was always ready at my side. No bouncing around, safe and secure on my hip. At no time  was I worried or concerned for the safety of either body or lens. Through several portrait sessions and amid the turbulence of an event shoot the G3LT performed flawlessly and really helped me to concentrate on the various shoots. The strap felt solid during the install with metal mounting hardware. I really liked having the tripod mount available while the BosStrap was attached to the camera.  Some competing straps use the tripod mounting point, so the photographer needs to choose neck style strap or tripod use for the camera. Also, the strap was extremely comfortable ‘right from the hop’, no break- in period needed and I was used to the strap nearly immediately. Remarkable! A great strap! Whilst I am not one to write gushing product reviews, the BosStrap, certainly merits the highest of marks, and this extremely positive review. I am looking forward to permanently mounting a G3LT onto each of my M-1 bodies!

Please feel free to share and or use this review as you see fit/desire.

Keith Foss

Graham G. UK August 8, 2014

Hi Tom,

I’ve just spent 3 days photographing the most amazing cars and apart from cameras (obviously!) there were a couple of things that I couldn’t have done it without – my BosStrap’s (and a decent Manfrotto monopod)

If you’re interested I’ll send you a link when the editing is done, but attached is a picture that my son took at the end of it all.



Joe Fackler, Coupeville WA August 8, 2014

I purchased the BosStrap for a recent trip to Europe. It does everything it is supposed to. I have a heavy Canon DSLR with battery pack and carried my camera for long periods of time. I kept a hand on the camera most of the time and by adding just a little support with my hand found the strap to be very comfortable. I did try it under a light jacket and it worked well. Good product, simple design. Much better than any of the camera company straps. As advertised it packs into your camera case well.
I particularly like that it attaches to the side of the camera as opposed to the tripod socket. Much more practical.

Joe Fackler, Coupeville WA

Rich E. August 8, 2014


Great conversation, extremely informative and helped to confirm nearly all the questions in my own mind about what photographers, amateur, and seasoned pros like, are falling trap to…

A false sense of security, without any forethought of how these new methods for carrying really expensive photography equipment might be more damaging than ever expected. Market trends have historically driven sales beyond counting hidden costs on the part of the consumer. I see it all the time across different venues.

On one hand, many seasoned pros can go out replace $6k-$7 worth in equipment without batting an eye if/when damage occurs. Not so for Average Joe.

Today, the wonders of the digital format has made “photography” more appealing to the masses, and now everybody is a photographer (as long as they have Program mode)! The irony here being these folks are plunking down serious hard earned $$$ for a hobby unawares, and amazingly the seasoned pro is just as ignorant of the unawares!

Thanks for being the engineer who actually swung, and apparently is still swinging a hammer! I applaud your thoroughness and research before actually going to market… it is quite refreshing in this “give it to me yesterday” age we live in. And thanks for the personal touch. That goes miles!

I look forward to trying your product and will provide feedback with my experience.

Best with all your endeavors,
Rich E.

Irven B. July 1, 2014

My last camera strap.  Now I devote the rest of my life searching for the ultimate Camera bag because the search for the ultimate strap is over. I have used and liked both the black Rapid and OptiTech straps. They also were not perfect. I didn’t like the idea of my camera (D3S hanging from a tripod thread not meant to hold the weight of the camera and have to take time to put on a Tripod plate. With the OptiTech it felt secure using both clips (plastic) but I had to unclip one to shoot. The BosStrap gave me everything I had with the other two as well as everything that I didn’t have. Love it.

David T. June 26, 2014

“…I think it is an excellent product as it avoids my Canon 40D bouncing on my stomach and activating some of the buttons along the bottom. Your service was impressive – it arrived here in the UK in 4 days.”

Mike B. 10/26/12 June 12, 2014

I bought the BosStrap for my D90 about a month ago and absolutely love it. I walk about 4 or 5 miles a day and take my camera wherever I go. The wide strap is very comfortable and after a few simple adjustments my D90 hangs right at my right hand. I can grab the the grip without looking and raise the camera to my eye in one easy move. Thanks for a very functional and well made product. Worth every penny!

Dale Hawley June 12, 2014

The BosStrap One Piece arrived late last night so I strapped it onto my camera and spent the day walking around my town. I’ve always been a “shoulder carrier” because front facing neck-carry was extremely uncomfortable for me. I’ve always cursed the stock straps because they were forever getting in my way especially when I try to quickly bring the camera from “hip rest” up to my face so I used to buy slippery straps which then made the camera slip off my shoulder all the time.
Your idea is so…simple… and yet so brilliant!
All day today I let the camera rest on my hip, sometimes without even hanging onto it. It took me a while to relax and enjoy the rather novel feeling of security the cross-chest strap gave me. At the same time when I decided to pull the camera up to take a photo, it was RIGHT THERE and came right up without snags or tugs. Also, no strap in the way of the buttons [on the camera]!
This may not be the system that works for everyone but it won me over very quickly and -I- am in heaven!
You can rest assured that I’ll be telling my photography friends about this product.
Dale Hawley

Matthew Stoeckle, Riverside, RI June 12, 2014

I met Tom at Hunt’s Photo and Video and he had an exciting new sling strap for me. It turned out to be one of the best straps I have used! I use it on my OM-D and I know my camera is secure! It’s very light-weight and low-profile. The free tripod socket is one of it’s best features! I moved away from a rapid strap and one of my dislikes about that product was when I wanted to place my camera on a table, I would have to by placing it on the screen. Great strap!

Linda June 12, 2014

Just wanted to let you know I received my BosStrap and extra tail from amazon. They are exactly as advertised. It worked great. I was able to attach my monopod instantly when arriving at a photo opp and get some shots I would have missed with the tripod socket strap I was using. Thank you. I will be spreading the word with my photo friends. If I know anyone who wants to order one I will be sure to direct them to your site.

John Hulburt, Charlottesville, VA June 7, 2014

Came across BosStrap team at the Virginia Nature Expo. Was considering Black Rapid when visiting B&H in December but “Made in USA” interested me in BosStrap. After trying out, I bought Gen 3 version. Today I added to my D700. Wow what a wonderful strap! Comforable and well made. Thanks Tom.

Darryl Oats, Australia June 7, 2014

Thanks for your prompt delivery, my strap arrived this morning, Friday May 30th, and I’ve set it up on my camera ready for my trip to Indonesia on Monday morning. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company. I’ll check out my photos when I get back and send you one.