5165a-new-wrapI am often asked if BosStraps have an embedded wire in the body strap.  The short answer is NO and we never will.

Some sling strap manufacturers claim that the embedded wire in their strap will help protect your equipment from a cut-and-run thief.  Some have even offered cash compensation if you lose your equipment to a cut-and-run thief.

The problem with embedded wires is that a thief does not know there is a wire in your strap until his knife blade hits the uncuttable wire.  At this point, you become aware that someone is attempting to steal your camera, and that someone is at your back with a knife.  This is not a situation that could have a pleasant outcome.

BosStraps provide passive thief deterrence.  Because BosStrap engineered a a wide strap, BosStraps do not require a shoulder pad for comfort.  The 1-1/2″ wide flat body strap can easily be concealed under a light jacket or open over-shirt keeping the strap out of sight.  What is not seen cannot be cut.

There are other advantages when the bulky shoulder pad is eliminated.  Obviously the constant falling of a shoulder pad does not exist.  Because there is no bulky shoulder pad, BosStrap can be worn under a jacket to unobtrusively carry your camera for street shooting or when you are in a dicey area.  For wet weather photography, protect your camera under a rain coat.

When you are done shooting, simply wrap the flexible BosStrap around your lens and put the camera in your bag.  You don’t have to remove and separately store a bulky shoulder pad.