What’s a BosStrap?

A BosStrap is a camera strap engineered with features that are unavailable in any other strap.

The Generation 3 Sliding Sling Strap
The Generation 3 Sliding Sling Strap

BosStraps are Sliding Sling Straps that are worn diagonally and allow your camera to hang at your hip. Unlike most sliding sling camera straps, BosStraps connect to the camera using a small Tail that remains attached to one camera strap lug. Another important difference: BosStraps do not use a shoulder pad like all other straps. BosStraps are available as a None-Piece version designed to give you all the benefits of a sliding sling strap, while remaining attached to the camera, or as a Generation 3 style which allows you to separate the body strap from the camera. There are also two strap widths available in either style. A 1-1/2? wide strap for heavier cameras (DSLR) and a 1? wide strap for CSC, Bridge, Mirrorless and Video cameras.

Here is a list of the features and benefits that only BosStrap offers:

BosStrap Sliding Sling Camera Straps Features and Benefits

All BosStraps

  • BosStraps attach to the one camera strap lug. The tripod socket is not used.
  • Nothing needs to be attached to the tripod socket. The camera can sit flat on a horizontal surface.
  • The tripod socket is available. A tripod plate or L-bracket can be attached to the camera at all times.
  • The tripod plate can remain attached to the camera. Connecting to a tripod is very fast.
  • BosStraps take the camera weight off your neck. Camera carrying is more comfortable and hand-free.
  • Body Strap made from nylon seat belt webbing. Comfortable, smooth, and very strong.
  • BosStraps rest at hip (pivot point on leg). There is minimal movement of camera when walking vigorously.
  • Strong. Engineered to support over 60 pounds -10x the weight of a typical professional rig.
  • BosStraps are adjustable to 64? long. Will fit most people.
  • No straps in the way when shooting horizontal or vertical. BosStrap does not interfere with camera controls.
  • BosStraps do not require a shoulder Pad. Nothing to fall constantly move back in place.
  • Wide BosStraps are very thin. Can be worn under a jacket or raincoat.
  • BosStraps have passive theft deterrence. When worn under a outer garment, the body strap is not seen by thieves.
  • BosStraps can be worn over a Backpack or Sling bag. No interference with bag. Especially useful with Sling style bags.
  • BosStraps stow easily by wrapping around lens or camera body. Nothing to remove when stowing camera, nothing to connect when using camera.
  • BosStrap body strap does not need to be removed after the camera is disconnected. Allows rapid reconnection and comfortable to wear.
  • BosStraps can be used with attached flash. No need to remove attached flash, simply turn head up when carrying camera at side.
  • BosStraps offer steadier hold on monopods. Tensioning BosStrap while on monopod assists in steadier shooting.
  • Only one metal part in BosStraps. No scratching the LCD and the camera body.
  • BosStraps are engineered, manufactured and made with USA parts. Better quality control.
  • Engineered for simplicity. Easy to fit and use.
  • BosStraps are ambidextrous. Works with left or right hand/eye shooters.
  • Light weight. Minimum weight and bulk to carry and store.
  • Low Price. B est value for a professional quality strap.
  • One year replacement warranty on defective parts.
  • 30 day no questions asked full refund including postage.

BosStrap Generation 3 Additional Features and Benefits

  • BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling allows camera to be separated from body strap. Body Strap removed for tripod shooting.
  • Exclusive Double Safety Lock Generation 3 Tail (G3 Tail). Insures that your camera cannot accidentally separate from your body strap.
  • The Double Safety Lock G3 Tail uses a cam buckle and safety sleeve lock. Very fast to separate the camera from the body strap.
  • Camera never unsupported when changing from hand-held to tripod shooting. Camera is attached to you, the tripod or both during change over.
  • G 3 Tail remains with camera. Allows very fast reconnection to body strap.
  • No metal parts in G3 Tail. Nothing to scratch the camera body or the LCD.
  • Generation 3 Tail has very low profile. Virtually no wind-induced vibration when on tripod.
  • Parts cannot fall off G3 Tail. No concern about losing parts from Generation 3 Tail when not connected to body strap.
  • Long G3 Tail. Allows more angular adjustment of the body strap to fine tune comfort especially for women.
  • Low cost expansion. An extra G3 Tail can be put on other camera bodies for use on the body strap.
Tom Fama

<p>BosStrap Listens. In 2010, BosStrap engineered the first camera strap that really addressed photographers’ needs.</p>

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