Why Does BosStrap Offer Three Styles of Tails?

Why Does BosStrap Offer Three Styles of Tails?

BosStrap Sliding Sling Straps are available with your choice of three different camera connection Tails.  In this Blog, I’ll clarify what the choices are, and provide guidance to help you decide which Tail will best fit your shooting style.

All BosStrap Siding Sling Straps consist of the same diagonal body strap with a metal slider.  All BosStraps attach to a camera strap lug.  This eliminates the tripod screw thread fitting attachment point that other strap manufacturers use.  All BosStraps feature smooth gliding operation, easy storability, logical resting camera orientation, and stability when walking.

BosStrap Sliding Sling straps differ in the way the strap is connected to the camera.  All BosStraps use one of three types of Tails to connect the camera to the metal body strap slider.  The three available types of Tails available are:

  • The One-Piece Tail
  • The Generation 3 (cam buckle release) Tail, and
  • The Side Release Tail.


Each BosStrap Tail has certain advantages.

BosStrap One-Piece Sliding Sling Straps (Simplicity)

6in x 4in DSC_4770_edited-1

The One-Piece has a sewn Tail attached to the metal slider.  The Tail simply attaches to a camera strap lug just like the camera strap that the manufacturer supplied with the camera.  The simple design is ideal for photographers who want all the advantages of a diagonal sliding sling strap and,

  • Do not need to remove the strap from the camera,
  • Seldom use a tripod,
  • Lowest cost is important.


BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling Straps (Ultimate Safety)

6in x 4.2in DSC_8290 for G3T ULHB Retail Insert-Edit_edited-1

In June of 2012, Generation 3 straps were introduced to offer a means to quickly disconnect the camera from the body strap.  This unique design incorporated two levels of safety: a cam buckle that closes and locks onto webbing that attaches through a camera lug, and a vinyl sleeve that covers the closed cam buckle lever.  The Generation 3 is best used with a tripod.  Your camera is never unsupported. You attach the camera to your tripod before disconnecting the body strap.  Photographers select the Generation 3 for these advantages:

  • Best choice for switching from hand-held to tripod shooting,
  • Tripod plate or L-Bracket never needs to be removed,
  • Ultimate in camera handling safety when used with a tripod,
  • Very fast disconnect (under 5 second),
  • No metal in Tail to scratch the camera,
  • Want to swap other cameras on the body strap (requires each camera to have a Generation 3 Tail, http://bosstrap.com/shop/extra-bosstrap-generation-3-tail/),
  • No threaded components to worry about loosening.


BosStrap Sliding Sling with  Side Release Tail (Speed and Cold Weather Versatility)

6in x 4in DSC_0005-Edit_edited-1

The Side Release Tail was added to the Sliding Sling strap in the fall of 2015.  The Side Release Tail consists of two parts: a male side release connector permanently sewn on to the metal slide on the body strap, and a mating female side release connector that remains with the camera.  Photographers choose the Side Release Tail for:

  • Fastest way to disconnect the strap from the camera,
  • Easily works with gloved hands,
  • Easy to swap cameras even without a tripod,
  • Tripod plate or L-Bracket never needs to be removed,
  • No metal in Tail to scratch the camera,
  • Want to swap other cameras on the body strap (requires each camera to have a Side Release Camera Tail – Female Side, http://bosstrap.com/shop/side-release-camera-tail-female-side/),
  • No threaded components to worry about loosening.


If you currently own any BosStrap Sliding Sling Strap, you can convert it to any other Tail style.  Incidentally, all the conversions are available for both the 1-1/2” wide body strap and the 1” wide (LT) versions.



Tom Fama

BosStrap Listens. In 2010, BosStrap engineered the first camera strap that really addressed photographers’ needs.